Thursday, January 14, 2010

Party Hearty...

One of the perks of being a new Senior Supervisor is the FREE STUFF you get... In December I was able to get some new rubber that I had been waiting paitently to get!

So hear's the next card, this one is a case from last years Regionals in Dunedin, I just changed the size, used some different
colour cardstock, added a stamp phrase and used a different embellishment... This is the second go as my first one went to the bin as I had mistakenly mounted "happy birthday" upside down, you cant give a birthday card with an upside down happy birthday!

This is a different card for me as I'm not a 'bright card' type of girl... notice I did say bright card, not just bright!!!! ...... Arrgh Shelley you aren't funny before 9am so just go to work!



KarenR said...

Great card & congratulations on your promo

bronheslop said...

I love the colours you used here - gorgeous!