Sunday, July 12, 2009

Check me out! - Next months Project

So this has been whats been keeping me AWAKE ALL WEEK! I'm all about making pretty cards, but also having pretty storage for those pretty cards...
This is just a quick post to just show it off, and also because I need your help... I NEED A NAME!!! Well I don't, I have many... Your suggestions will be gratefully welcomed, and if I decide to go with one someone suggests I'll put a little somethin somethin for you in the post!

As always this class is available as a sit down class here in Dunedin, or as kit for those out of towners, and just as a head's up, when I have a name sorted out I have a little product bundle to offer everyone too!

Thanks for stopping by!


Lisa Green said...

Flip-Flap Card Folder! :-D
lol, hope someone come's up with something....better.

Anonymous said...

My suggestions are

Notecard Folder
Funky Notecard Folder
Fancy Writing Set

Donna A

Melinda said...

Love it & hope you can do pdf instructions for those of us too far away to join you. How bout: Card-a-rific Compendium?? Too Corny?.....that name is kind of inspired by Becky Robert's 'Tote-ally Awesome Tote' I guess. Good luck in your name quest! :)

Shelley said...

Thanks Melinda, yeap a pdf is coming, probably after saturday!

Sheila said...

ELEGANT CARD HOLDER - You do beautiful work and I am also looking forward to the PDF.