Sunday, January 2, 2011

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and floods!

Happy New year everyone!!  No pics to post as I'm currently in Queensland, AU.  Even though we had to fly from Brisbane to Bundaberg and were a day later arriving I'm enjoying it :) 

I'm at an internet cafe and forgot my camera, so next time I will post some pics...  Seeing the flood damage from the sky was pretty amazing and luckily my partners parents house hasn't had very little damage.  The first couple of days were pretty crazy coz there was only one way into the CBD but the waters are coming down now...  My heart goes out to the people down the street who have lost everything....

I have been sunning it at the pool every afternoon and am tanning up nicely already.  Thanks to Brenton yesterday I got my first sunburn, but it's not too bad!

Off to the movies this afternoon coz its raining again!

See ya later!

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Tori said...

Looking forward to you coming home and updating your blog; I want to see your recipe book thingee (did you end up doing it?) Offically following your blog now!