Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sheeeeeeeee's baaaaccccccccccck!

Firstly thanks for all the well wishes on my blog for the move. What a crazy week.

Well the move went smoothly, no broken bones, no pulled muscles or concussion, those who know me will be going WOW, really???? Yes Shelley moved and everything happened exactly how it should of, like I was meant to move a few weeks ago and the mover just didnt turn up! So I'm now a resident of Stanley Street in Kenmure, Dunedin. My partner and I have a two bedroom NO FLATMATES!! So really, my new life started last weekend! YAY! and YAY again because I start my new job next week. Yay again because my wellington belongings will be here mind week! yay, i miss my mirror and my clothes, a girl living out of a drawer for three months is just not cool! Oh and I get my printer and scanner back too yay!

Anyway I am busy knitting at the mo, because summer has left the building here in Dunedin and I need warm clothes... I'm a cabling pro now, only have the hood and the front to go, and maybe 4 inches on the back. I might actually finish a jersey!! yay me!

Later today I'll add the links to the retiring list, this is my first catalogue go bye bye and I'm crying all ready, I've been up since 630 this morning reading through it... Like half my stamp stash, actually 3/4s of my stamps are going! Oh well, new toys!! woohhooo!


Nerine .P. said...

Welcome back! I've never had to share with flatmates (I was very lucky even when leaving home and lived in a 3 brm house by myself...bliss) but I can't imagine it would be much fun. Enjoy your new space with your partner.

Jenny said...

Welcome back :) glad it all went well :)